Life Insurance with Anxiety

Anxiety is a very common disorder and affects almost each and every one of us. In fact, I don’t know one person who doesn’t experience some sort of anxiety in their lifetime. Therefore, don’t let having anxiety disorders prevent you from purchasing life insurance.

Anxiety Disorders can range from anxiety states or phobic disorders. Anxiety states are commonly known as OCD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, panic disorders, mood disorders, anxiety and post-traumatic stress syndrome.

Phobic disorders will include disorders like social anxiety disorder or other general phobia’s like being afraid of spiders, darkness, or other fears.

Here are some of the questions that we’ll be asking you with your anxiety condition:
1) When were you diagnosed with anxiety?
2) What treatment are you under with this condition?
3) Are you taking any medication? If so, has it helped make you more or less stable?
4) Do you have any panic attacks? How many per year?
5) Any hospitalizations?
6) Any other health or mental disorders?

Let us worry about the rates and as to which insurance carrier is going to be the best fit for you!

If you have any other health conditions or mental conditions like mood disorders or bipolar, let us help you. We have been successful in placing the best life insurance with anxiety cases for our clients with the most affordable rates in the industry.

Fill out the online form or call us today at 877-817-2583 and let us help you secure the best rates for you!

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