Life Insurance with Mitral Valve Prolapse

Mitral Valve Prolapse is a very common heart disorder. We have many clients who have this condition with no regurgitation or other medical conditions who have received the best life insurance rate possible.

If you’re looking for life insurance quotes with mitral valve prolapse, please complete the quote request form and we’ll find the best carriers based on your situation.

However, certain insurance carriers are going to look at Mitral Value Prolapse differently, and this is when you’ll want to have an experienced independent agent working for you.

Key Underwriting Questions with Mitral Valve Prolapse

Here are a few key questions an insurance agent will ask you regarding your Mitral Valve Condition:

1. What type of mitral valve condition do you have (stenosis, regurgitation or valve prolapse)?
2. Do you need or have you had surgery to correct the disorder?
3. What was the result of your last EKG?
4. Do you take any medication for this disorder?
5. Do you have any other medical conditions?

Your life insurance rating will depend on what type of mitral valve disorder you have and how well controlled your condition is. In most cases clients do not know what type of Mitral Prolapse they have or thickness of the value or size of their atrium. If so, you can contact your physician to ask these details from your last EKG. If they state, “You’re fine and there is nothing to be concerned about,” then we will apply for the best rate possible. Once you’re in underwriting, the details of your condition will emerge. If the insurance rate comes back not to our liking, then we will apply with another carrier.

We at High Risk Insurances know which insurance carriers are going to look at Mitral Valve Prolapse favorably. We know what the life insurance underwriters are looking for, and we know what questions to ask. We will work for you and research the best possible rates.
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