Life Insurance with a Heart Murmur

If you’re looking for life insurance and have a heart murmur, you’re in the right place.

We’ve helped dozens of people find the best life insurance rates available on the market who have a heart murmur.

Just like many people, you’ve learned that you were recently diagnosed with a heart murmur after having your annual exam with you physician. At first you’re in shock because you never knew you had one. Your mind is wondering and wanting to know if you’ll be okay, even though your physician reassures that you are. Also, you were recently planning on increasing your life insurance policy, but now wondering how this heart murmur will affect you qualifying for a life insurance policy.

Life Insurance and Heart Murmur Overview

A heart murmur is an abnormal sound like “swishing” or “whoosing” during a heartbeat. Your physician commonly detects them by using his stethoscope, but to officially be diagnosed you will need to have lab tested and Echocardiogram completed.

There are two classifications of heart murmurs:

Functional heart murmurs are typically not caused by heart problems and do not require treatment. They are most common in children, and typically individuals do not have any symptoms.

Organic heart murmurs are caused by congenital heart problems from birth or heart disease.

Can I get life insurance with a heart murmur?

Yes, more than likely. As any medical condition it will all depend on how well controlled your condition is managed. It’s important to get regular checkups with your physician and to keep an accurate status of your heart murmur condition.

Important questions that you will need to provide when applying for life insurance:

1. What age were your diagnosed with your condition?
2. What type of heart murmur have you been diagnosed with?
3. Any treatments that you are receiving for your heart murmur condition?
4. How long have you had the heart murmur and has it progressed?
5. Do you currently smoke or have you in the past?
6. Are you active? Do you exercise? Are you overweight?
7. Have you been diagnosed with any other medical conditions?
8. Do you have any current symptoms of shortness of breath, chest pain, dizziness, chronic cough, or excessive sweating with no physical activity?

What is the cost of life insurance with a heart murmur?

If you have been diagnosed with a functional heart murmur, then these cases are typically easy to underwrite, as long as you do not have any other health issues. Also, you may even qualify for preferred to preferred best rates.

Individuals with organic heart murmurs will boil down to how well your heart condition is being managed, your treatment and medication history. Also, it will depend on any other medical issues.

For example, Kristy is forty-five-years-old and is a nonsmoker. She was diagnosed at birth with a functional heart murmur. She does not have any symptoms and has a very active lifestyle with young children. Since she doesn’t have any other medical conditions, it shouldn’t be a problem for her to purchase coverage. Here is an example of what her premium might be if she purchased a 20-year term policy with $250,000 in coverage for as little as $24.00 per month.

If Kristy, on the other hand, had an organic heart murmur, she would more than likely have to pay a higher premium for her life insurance coverage.

Final Thoughts

We at High Risk Life Insurances know that purchasing life insurance with a heart murmur can be easy to some and difficult for others. We know that not every person is the same, nor are the insurance companies. As an independent agency, we represent several insurance companies, and we’ll shop your application with the top carriers in the industry. Only by doing this can we ensure you will receive the best rate for your life insurance with a heart murmur.

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