Life Insurance with Heart Disease

If you’re in the market for life insurance with heart disease, you’re in the right spot.

As we know life can change in a heartbeat… Many individuals living with heart disease question if they can ever purchase life insurance. Some individuals have tried, but have been turned down for a variety of reasons.

The best reason to use an experienced agent is to avoid the pitfalls one can run into when applying on one’s own. A good agent knows which carriers will review your particular health condition and offer you coverage. With an excess of 2000 life insurance carriers in the United States, having an agent who is well versed in the requirements and tendencies of these carriers, can help eliminate the possibility of being turned down for simply filling out the forms incorrectly or approaching the wrong carrier.

Many times, an individual who has received unaffordable rates for their coverage, or has been declined, will get frustrated and give up. Don’t give up!

There is hope in securing life insurance for you, if you have a history of heart disease, but it’s going to depend on the type and severity of your specific situation. In fact, most individuals that are diagnosed with heart disease change their lifestyle and become more proactive in taking care of themselves. Simple things like diet, exercise and proper care with your physicians can decrease the effects of your heart disease, in most cases.

Insurance companies are going to look at what risk factors you pose in order to determine their risk in covering you. They are going to look at the history of your medical condition as well as your after care follow-up. Many individuals can qualify for life insurance 6 months to a year after their heart procedure with favorable follow-up visits and solid documentation of these visits with their physician.

Here are a few key questions that insurance companies and agents will want to know about your heart disease when applying for coverage:

• At what age were you diagnosed with heart disease?
• Did you have a heart attack? If so, was it single or multiple?
• What arteries were involved and what was the blockage before and after surgery?
• When is the last time you have had a stress test, ekg, echocardiogram?
• Do you have any family history of heart disease? (parents or siblings?)
• Do you smoke? If you have in the past, how long has it been since you last used (including patches, gum, etc.)?
• What are your current medications?

Life Insurance is still affordable for individuals with a history of heart disease. In fact, the greater amount of time that has passed from your heart condition or procedure to your application for coverage, the more likely your policy will be approved and at a more favorable rate.

The real key in securing the best rate for your life insurance is based on your individual health. Remember, we are not all the same. We all have different experiences, medications and family history.

If you have any form of heart disease from uncontrolled hypertension, atrial fibrillation, heart attack, stents or bypass we can assist you.

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