Life Insurance with Stents

life insurance with stentsPurchasing life insurance with stents is very common and not outside the norm. More than one million people each year have stents placed to reduce the risk of heart attacks. So if you have been declined or received a high premium for your coverage, you probably were matched with the wrong insurance company.

Stents are an effective way to prevent heart blockages and are less invasive than open heart surgery. There are plenty of statistics when it comes to approving a life insurance policy with an individual who has a stent. Trust me, the insurance carriers know.

Since most complications occur within the first six months, insurance carriers will postpone all applications within that period of time. It’s recommended you do not apply for coverage at this time. We know that most stent patients will be more health conscious after they have had surgery than prior to the event, which can provide you with a more favorable rating in the future.

Can I get a life insurance policy with a stent or not?

The answer is YES! You can get life insurance after a stent by waiting six months.

If you have had one stent or bypass with no heart attacks and no other health conditions, you may qualify for Standard rates with certain insurance carriers. This is great because it is the best possible outcome given your health condition, and you would be considered a normal risk verses a sub-standard or high risk class.

If you have had more than one stent or heart attack, you can still get coverage, but it just means you’ll be considered a higher risk for the life insurance.

If you think that your condition is severe, and you’re still experiencing complications with your heart condition, we can still assist you with coverage. We do offer very competitive modified or graded life insurance policies for those specific clients.

Important items agents needs to know if you have stents:

• How many stents do you have?
• Did you have a triggering event? (heart attack, stroke)
• When were the stents put into place?
• What is your current ejection fraction? (the measurement of the % of blood leaving your heart each time it beats)
• Do you smoke? Or did you quit within the last three years?
• Location of stent – which vessel?
• What was the percentage of blockage?
• When was your last stress test, and what were the results?
• Any chest pain after the surgery?
• Any lifestyle changes?
• List all prescribed medications and amounts.

What company and agent should I work with?

It is very important which carrier you choose and which insurance agent. It can make all of the difference in your approval and rates for your coverage. Since you do have a medical condition, it’s going to take your agent more time and work on their part to secure the best rates for life insurance with a stent. Be patient and upfront with all of your medical history so they can work for you.

Warning! If an agent didn’t ask you any of the questions we listed above, run! Head for the hills because they either are not going to work for you, or they are not experienced in your specific medical condition.

We want you to know that we understand your condition and know what it takes to get the best rates for your insurance coverage with a stent.

As an independent agency that specializes in high risk life insurance, it’s our goal to help those who have been turned down or who are overwhelmed with the process. We represent many insurance carriers and will know which company is going to look at your stent condition favorably.

Please contact us today at 877-817-2583 or complete our online form, so we can assist you in finding your best life insurance coverage.