Protect Your Family from Financial Disaster!

Protect Your Family from Financial Disaster Now

Once upon a time there were two men named Sam and Luke who grew up together. They went to the same school, both got good grades and both came from good families. When they grew up they both went to the same college and the similarities between them continued. Both met and married their wives shortly after finishing college.

Sam loved his wife and two lovely children. Luke loved his wife and two precious children too.
But this is where the similarity between Sam and Luke ends.

Fast forward 15 years….

Sam was in a terrible car accident. The doctors aren’t sure if he will live. Meanwhile, Sam’s wife is not sure what she’s going to do to financially support the family if Sam dies! The distress of losing Sam is a lot a bare. But compound that with the financial stress this homemaker who suddenly has to become the breadwinner feels, it’s not a pretty picture!

Luke, an avid golfer, was hit by a freak lightning strike. While Luke’s wife is devastated over the loss of her husband, she is comforted knowing Luke thought about protecting the family long ago. Even in his death, Luke was thoughtful and loving toward his family.

What made the difference?

Sam loved his family. But Luke loved his family by the actions he took. Luke thought about the future and took practical steps to ensure the safety and financial protection of his family with buying term life insurance. While we hope that neither of these two extreme examples would ever happen to you, it is possible. We hope you’ll turn out to be more like Luke, than Sam, in the event of the unthinkable.

Just look at these facts.

The lifetime odds of dying by a transportation related accident is 1 in 80 according to the Bondolier, an independent journal about evidence-based healthcare, written by Oxford scientists.

Think about this for a minute. Over the course of your lifetime you have 1 in 80 chances of being in a tragic auto accident that could take your life away in a split second. 1 in 80 is pretty good odds if you were playing the Lotto.

Who knew transportation could be so deadly?

According to the NWS Storm Data, over the last 30 years (1984-2013) the U.S. has averaged 51 reported lightning fatalities per year. Only about 10% of people who are struck by lightning are killed, leaving 90% with various degrees of disability.

Think about this, even if you’re hit by lightning you have a 90% chance of becoming disabled by it which would impact your ability to financially support your family.

Although the odds for getting struck by lightning are relatively small, the chances of being killed in transportation related accident are far greater. If you’re a traveling salesman, or have job that has you driving a lot, your risk is higher too!

Is your family protected?

Of course risk comes in many packages. Your lifestyle choices (smoke, drink, etc), your medical conditions (diabetes, heart condition, etc), certain hobbies (anything that increases your chance of early death), and even foreign travel all play a part in elevating your risk to the Life Insurance Companies.

That’s the reason you need a High Risk Life Insurance Agent, who knows how to navigate the life insurance marketplace to find the best policy for your particular situation.

Affordable Life Insurance is quick and easy to find, if you choose a High Risk Insurance Agent today.

Never let your spouse and family wonder how they will survive if anything happens to you. Get the protection you need to spare them from unnecessary hardship and financial stress of your untimely death.

It’s hard enough losing you. Don’t make it financially difficult on your loved ones too!

Our highly trained High Risk Life Insurance Agents can assess your situation and find you the best policy coverage for your particular situation.

Give us a call today for a quote and peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re taking action to protect your family now.